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Oman and the World: A Musical Journey

Royal Opera House, Oman


Taking you from the resonances of the natural world to the pinnacle of human musical endeavour

‘Oman and the World: A Musical Journey’ is a permanent exhibition for the Royal Opera House Muscat House of Musical Arts. The exhibition is a world class visitor attraction – the heart of the new Muscat cultural district.

As Exhibition Designers 59 Productions have created a wealth of compelling and intuitive exhibits and experiences throughout the 850m2 space, incorporating cutting edge interactive technology with captivating content and arresting architectural design. The exquisitely realised exhibition charts the story of music in a rich and immersive journey from sounds appearing in nature, through the science and techniques of instrumentation, to the role music plays in our societies and inside each of us.

Immersive Spaces


An immersive space exploring sound and the natural world

Exhibition space, Oman. Photo by Khalid al Busaidi

Oud Room

A duet between performer and instrument maker


The finale space allows you to step inside an orchestra and experience the sound like you’ve never heard it before.


Instrument plinth

Explore the science of sound through different families of instruments

Interactive Plinth at the ROHM, Oman by 59 Productions.


A communal drumming experience celebrating rhythms from around the world


The spectacular Royal Opera House Muscat where the exhibition is located

Transforming the shell

Images of the site before work on the exhibition commenced

Narrative and spatial concept

The exhibition is experienced in two Acts: the Science of Sound and the Culture of Music

Plan for ROHM exhibition

Graphic concept

Design motifs interwoven through information panels and interactive displays

Graphic concept for ROHM exhibition

Material finishes

Every detail of the exhibition space was meticulously considered in order to emphasise the narrative thread of the exhibition throughout the visitor's journey

Materials used in the ROHM exhibition


Produced by
The Royal Opera House Muscat

Curated by
Tom Nelson for ROHM

59 Team

Project Director
Lysander Ashton

Lead Video and Content Designer
Tom Wexler

Lead Architectural Designers
Daniel Liston
Cristina Salvi

Lead Graphics Designer
Dale Croft

Executive Producer
Richard Slaney

Ben Hosford

Technical and Production Manager
James Roxburgh

Assistant Producer
Hope Delicata

Sound Design & Acoustic Consultancy
Coda to Coda

Lighting Design
DHA Designs

Cost Consultant
Fraser Randall

AVL Supply & Installation
Mustafa Sultan Security & Communications Systems Co. LLC

Video Designers
Dale Croft
Felix Green

Real Time Designer
Laurien Ash

Felix Faire
Chris Plant
Matt Murton
Jack Heriz-Smith

Video & Digital Content Team
Jason Devine
Max Italiaander
Nicol Scott
Ed Saunders
Lawrence Watson
Jarek Radecki
Graham Keith
Simran Phull
Edd Stockton
Matt Taylor
Jamie McComb
Hanna Schrage
Annie Tadne

Graphics Assistants
Aimee Stroud
Hanna Schrage

Graphics Arabic Consultant
Areej Khan

Kate Munday

Architectural Designers
Asha Pandit
Claudia Fragoso
Hannah Rosenberg
Matthew Wreglesworth
Melanie Sourisseau
Ayanna Blair-ford

Project Manager & Technical Liaison
Richard Williamson

System Programmer
Chris Dunkin

Technical Assistant
Richard Wells

Lighting Programmer
Paul Walmsley

Technical Tea
Jamie Gadney
Iain Syme
Graham Keith
Jay Mayer

Producing Assistant
Ellen Kenyon-Peers

Exhibition Photography
© ROHM / Khalid al Busaidi