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Lightroom is a new venture set up by 59 Productions and the London Theatre Company. Its home is in an extraordinary four-storey high space in Kings Cross equipped with the latest digital projection and audio technology.

The innovative showspace was designed by 59 Productions, and Haworth Tompkins designed the venue as a sister space to the award-winning Bridge Theatre.

A second Lightroom is now open in Seoul, South Korea.

The Shows

Lightroom is a space in which we will develop innovative shows that combine the scale and spectacle of immersive experiences with a focus on new forms of storytelling. In collaboration with some of the world’s greatest artists, thinkers, creatives and innovators, Lightroom will present pioneering work that brings together a diverse range of design and narrative disciplines.

Feb - Nov 2023

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller and further away)

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer was a brand new kind of immersive show which took audiences inside the practice and imagination of one of the world’s most acclaimed and popular living artists. 

Working closely with Hockney over a period of three years, the 59 Productions team wrote, directed and designed this 50 minute show which plays with scale, spectacle and intimacy to give audiences fresh perspectives into Hockney’s work. Narrated by the artist himself, and accompanied by a new score from composer Nico Muhly, the show takes the audience on a personal journey through his art, featuring iconic paintings alongside some rarely seen pieces and newly created work. His life-long fascination with the possibilities of new media is given vibrant expression in a show that invites visitors to see the world through his eyes.

A breathtaking triumph.
Lightroom - David Hockney with mockup of 59 Productions Set

David Hockney viewing the model box containing “August 2021, Landscape with Shadows” Twelve iPad paintings comprising a single work © David Hockney. Photo by Mark Grimmer

Lightroom - David Hockney - Mark Grimmer - By Justin Sutcliffe

David Hockney and Mark Grimmer at Lightroom, photographed by Justin Sutcliffe.

Opened Dec 2023 - Ongoing

The Moonwalkers: A Journey with Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks narrates an epic experience that offers a unique, new perspective on humankind’s past and future voyages to the moon.

Telling the stories of the Apollo mission in intimate detail, The Moonwalkers also provides an insight into the impending return of crewed surface missions by going behind-the-scenes of the Artemis programme, including interviews between Hanks and Artemis astronauts.

Lightroom’s powerful projection and audio technology transforms the immense space into a vehicle for a spectacular immersive voyage to our closest celestial neighbour.

Designed and directed by 59 Productions, the show uses a combination of bespoke animation and high-resolution NASA imagery to take audiences on an incredible journey into space – set to an original score by Anne Nikitin.

A thrill ride into the wonder of space.
Image of an astronaut floating in space, with the blue Earth behind.

An image of astronaut Edward White floating in space during Gemini 4, June 1964 is projected across one wall of Lightroom.  Photographed within Lightroom by Justin Sutcliffe. 

Geologic Maps of Apollo landing sites projected within Lightroom. Photographed by Justin Sutcliffe.

Future projects

59 and Lightroom are developing a slate of forthcoming shows that will open at Lightroom, King’s Cross – follow us to hear more about our future projects.