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A world of sensory stimulation, sound, light and projection

After the success of ‘Reflections‘, 59 Productions was invited back to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, to create show in celebration of their 25th anniversary year.

 took the experience of our 2017 show and turned it inside-out, bringing audiences inside the Guggenheim Museum to experience the celebrations from within the atrium.

Driven by the same spectacular soundtrack and threaded through with the inception story of the museum, Immersions placed the viewer at the beating heart of an all-encompassing projection sound and light experience.

59 Productions and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao invited the citizens of Bilbao to join in celebration inside the transformed atrium, enveloping our guests into a world of sensory stimulation, sound, light and projection.

59 Team

Project Director
Leo Warner

Art Directors
Raphael Pimlott
Nicol Scott

Lighting Designer
Benjamin Pearcy

Nick Powell with Alex Lee

Sound Designer
Tom Hackley

Teya Lanzon

Video Designer
Hanna Schrage

Assistant Video Designers
Hannah Fasching
Simran Phull

Aaron Brady
Jarek Radecki
Nicol Scott
Edd Stockton

Storyboard Artist
Matthew Taylor

Lead Programmers
Liam Daly
Neil McDowell Smith

Production Managers
Dominic Baker
James Roxburgh
Richard Williamson

Show Manager and Technical Assistant
Richard Wells

Deputy Production Manager
Sam Kelly

3D Modelling
Edd Stockton

With thanks to our suppliers
Stage Sound Services
White Light