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Alf Layla wa Layla

The Arena, Kuwait City


Beauty, fantasy, mythology, stories of love and adventure

Produced by Scene Productions, and with set, video and lighting design by 59 Productions “Alf Layla Wa Layla” was a one-off performance of 12 famous Arabic musical masterpieces, sung by performers Marwan Khoury and Mai Farouk.

“Alf Layla Wa Layla” translates from Arabic as One Thousand and One Nights, a title associated with beauty, fantasy, mythology, stories of love and adventure found in the famous book “One Thousand and One Nights”. Umm Kulthum sang her famous song that bore the same title in 1969 and the song, composed by Baligh Hamdi, became one of the most beautiful songs of dreamy love in which the rules of reality do not apply.

This show has been conceived and designed to reflect the themes above and ends with Umm Kulthum’s masterpiece One Thousand and One Nights. Led by Maestro Dr. Khaled Noori with an orchestra of 50 musicians and singers, it was performed in Kuwait’s largest and most advanced new venue, The Arena Kuwait.

The Arena, Kuwait City


Performed by
Marwan Khoury and Mai Farouk

Conducted by
Dr. Khaled Noori

Set, Video and Lighting Designed by
59 Productions

Produced by
Scene [س] Productions

Art Director
Tom Wexler

Senior Video Designer
Matthew Taylor

Assistant Designer
Simran Phull

Lighting Design
Ben Pearcy

Set Designer
Hannah Rozenberg

Associate Producer
Anna Jones

Video Programmer
Brad Peterson

David Curtis
Laurent De Vleeschouwer