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Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6


Sing gently as one

Moved by the breadth of the pandemic and its effect on society, Eric Whitacre composed a new piece of music especially for his Virtual Choir, “Sing Gently”. 17,572 singers, aged 5–88, from 129 countries recorded their videos from home to form Virtual Choir 6. Together they found strength in the simple, collective initiative of the project and saw it as a way to not only replenish from within but also to offer hope and relief for the sadness and suffering of others.

This marks Eric’s largest Virtual Choir to date since his first more than 10 years ago. It’s a testament to diversity, accessibility and inclusivity, and much more than a musical project; it’s a community.

To make Virtual Choir 6, Eric and his team at Music Productions collaborated with two organisations that share their commitment to expand access to the performing arts: the Colburn School and The NAMM Foundation. 59 Productions and BAFTA-winning audio engineers Floating Earth rose to the technical and creative challenge of combining 17,000+ audio and video files to create the final film.


Composer & Conductor
Eric Whitacre

Executive Producers
Claire Long
Meg Davies

Film By
59 Productions

Audio Engineering, mixing & Mastering
Floating Earth

Website Design & Technical Manager

In Collaboration with
Colborn School
The NAMM Foundation

59 Team

Nick Corrigan

Executive Producer
Anna Jameson

Rebecca Collis

Senior Video Designer
Jason Devine

Video Designer
Dale Croft

Assistant Designers
Felix Green
Simran Phull
Annie Tadne

Video Technicians
Jamie Gadney
Edward Slaney

Technical Intern
Graham Keith

Colborn School Interns
Kristina Annamukhamedova
Chiara Biagioli
Elizabeth Linares Montero