“The story of a single room throughout time”

Based on Richard McGuire’s ground-breaking graphic novel, HERE is an epic tapestry woven from the threads of everyday life. The piece is a meditation on time built from the fleeting instants that make up the daily rhythms of our lives, a poetic evocation of the way in which moments of meaning – big and small – reverberate across the ages. The piece tells the story of the corner of one particular room and the characters that inhabit it over the course of several millennia. In so doing, it paints a portrait of humanity, captured in momentary glances and stolen fragments, at once dizzyingly kaleidoscopic and utterly recognisable.

The immersive film is an Intel Studios Original, conceived and created by Fifty Nine Productions, with an original score from Anna Meredith. Driven by performances by Mina Son and Roger Davies captured in full volumetric video at Intel Studios’ production facilities in Los Angeles, California, HERE marks a bold step forwards in the evolution of narrative VR experiences by combining literary, theatrical, cinematic and technological techniques to create a new form of storytelling.

The four-minute first chapter premieres at the 2020 Venice Film Festival from the 2nd – 12th September 2020.


An Intel Studios Original
Conceived and Created by

59 Productions

Based on the Graphic Novel by

Richard McGuire

Executive Producers

Diego Prilusky
Sarah Vick


Lysander Ashton


Mark Grimmer


Anna Meredith


Rebecca Collis

Lead Designer

Tom Wexler


Roger Davies

Mina Son
Shiah Luna
Patricia Lentz
Sarah Booth
Paul Bond
Randy Crowder
Rachel Winfree
Andrew Etzel

Eli Santana

Cameron Kelly
Alejandro de Hoyos
Aaron Hendry
Jett Anderson
Mary Van Norman
Dennis Churinov
Milan Lykov
Morgan Schaffer

John Chiang

Ruth Banks
Devon Ehrhorn
Reagan Beast
Justin Conaway
Bruce Chambers
Richard McGuire
Gabe Bartalos


Executive Producers

Diego Prilusky
Sarah Vick

Post Production Supervisor

Daniel Rivas Perpen

Head of Product Development

Dave Smiddy

Volumetric Pipeline Technical Director

Mohit Deopujari

Volumetric Software Engineer

Dmitry Lavrov

Software Architect

Dr. Phillip Krejov

IT Supervisor

Eddie Bezalel

Post-Production Coordinator

Jill Chipley



Lysander Ashton


Mark Grimmer

Live Action Director

Scott Faris

Executive Producer

Anna Jameson


Rebecca Collis

Lead Designer

Tom Wexler


Laurien Ash

Senior Animator

Edd Stockton

Assistant Designer

Felix Green
Lorna Pittaway

Architectural Designer

Hannah Rozenberg

VR Development, Post Production and Visual Effects

All Seeing Eye

Audio Post Production

1.618 Digital

Graphic Designer

Rebecca Pitt

2D Editor

Jessie Rodger


1st AD

Jeff McPhee

Casting by

Msaada Nia

Background Casting

Vanessa Portillo

2nd AD

Emily Faris
Clint Hudson

Production Coordinator

Andrew Arnold

Production Supervisor

Ana Miren Achaval

Operations Supervisor

Kevin Hanson

Volumetric Operator

John JB Battaglia


Blake Chapman
Jay Brown
Jonathan Marcus

Intel RoboCam Operator

Adam Goldfaden

Intel Script Supervisor

Scott Hazel

Playback Operator

Neko Rivera

Associate Producer

Marcie Greene

Key Set PA

Tyree Bailey


Tyanna McDavid
Cameron Greely
Alex Crow
Annalise Bandel
Carlos A Hernandez
Kenneth L. Brown
Byron G. Bradley
Kyle Duckett

Audio Technician

Russell White
Chet Leonard
Nicholas Branstetter
Kraig Kishi
Bill Jenkins

Set Medic

Dylan Flores

Set Nurse

Sheri Dawley

Set Teacher

Amy Stanoszek

Baby Guardian

Jabriel Anderson
Kelsi Levingston


Serenity Forbes
Elena Churinova
Viacheslav Lykov

HMU Department Head

Alisha Baijounas

Key Make-up

Emilia Black

Key Hair

Kate Klein

MU&H Swing

Melissa Beck-Swarberg
Vivienne Somers

Assistant HMU

Jeannie Giannone

Costume Designer

Oksana Derina

Costume Assistant

Lucretia Ivory Woods

On-set Wardrobe

Jena Moody
Jorchual Gregory Vargas

Props Master

Naomi Gonzalez Kahn