West Side Story

“Taking a classic musical to new heights”

IHI Stage Around

West Side Story is one of the most beloved musicals around the world, lauded for its music, choreography and story. The classic show, inspired by Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, with original music by Leonard Bernstein and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, has been reworked for the unique IHI Stage Around Theatre in Toyosu, Tokyo.

This theatre is home to a 360-degree stage with enormous screens that encircle a 1,300-seat rotating auditorium. The staging technology slowly and gently rotates spectators around the stage allowing for an uninterrupted, filmic flow of scenes. The auditorium is set fully in sync with the visuals, lighting and sound to offer the audience an unprecedented immersive experience.

Directed by David Saint, this show will mark the first time a Broadway musical has made use of this innovative staging technology.



Arthur Laurents


Leonard Bernstein


Stephen Sondheim

Executive Producers

Kevin McColom
Robin de Levita
Kumiko Yoshii


David Saint


Julio Monge

Set Design

Ana Louizos

Lighting Design

Ken Billington

Projection Design

59 Productions

59 Team

Project Director

Benjamin Pearcy

Senior Video Designer

Tom Wexler


Rebecca Collis

Assistant Designer

Diego Sanguino
Hanna Schrage

Design Intern

Flora Macleod


Jarek Radecki
Laurent de Vleeschouwer
Lawrence Watson


Brad Peterson

Architectural Designer

Hannah Rozenberg

Architectural Assistant

Ayanna Blair-Ford