Powerful Way to Open a Global Project

United Nations HQ
New York

Working with the United Nations and Richard Curtis and his team at Project Everyone, 59 designed and produced a projected artwork to celebrate the launch of the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The ten minute piece – projected on two vast surfaces at the United Nations headquarters in New York at the opening of the General Assembly of world leaders – combined rapid-fire 2d and 3d animation with filmed actors, and introduced each of the 17 ‘Global Goals’ before celebrating the moment of their launch around the globe with a spectacular 3 minute finale.

Developed over the course of almost a year, 59 worked closely with Academy Award nominee Richard Curtis to create a piece which is part campaign film, part educational resource and part celebration, presenting the Global Goals in an accessible and visually exciting way. The projection piece was also filmed and broadcast around the world on MSNBC and BBC Worldwide.

Huge in scale and focussed on the UN’s directives for sustainable, ethical change, it marked a powerful way to open a project with a global scope.

Creative Team

Creative Directors

Leo Warner
Mark Grimmer


Lucy Owen

Senior Assistant Designer & Line Producer

Akhila Krishnan

Junior Assistant Designer

Raphael Pimlott

Digital Producer & Data Wrangler

James Long

Sound Designer

Gareth Fry
Pete Malkin


Roxy Harris

Technical Associate

Maximilien Spielbichler


Nicol Scott
Zsolt Balogh
Edd Stockton
Jarek Radecki
Aaron Brady
Nick Corrigan
Tahir Palali
Gareth Damian Martin
Marco Sandeman
Lawrence Watson

Technical Delivery Partners
DWP Live

Produced By

Project Everyone
United Nations