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The Stone of Destiny

Perth Museum, Scotland


The Stone has come home

Opened in Spring 2024. This former Edwardian concert hall, and now redeveloped museum, a partnership between Perth and Kinross Council and Culture Perth and Kinross, will provide an arts attraction for the city, highlighting the many objects and stories that put Perth and Kinross at the heart of Scotland’s history.

In December 2020, First Minister and Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, announced the Stone of Destiny, one of Scotland’s most iconic, mythic objects, to become the centrepiece of the museum.

The ancient symbol was seized by King Edward I in the late 13th Century, remaining in England for 700 years before it was returned to Scotland in 1996.

We created two immersive films; one for the antechamber which describes the history, origin myths and significance that surround the Stone of Destiny, and one for ‘The Stone Room’ – where the Stone itself sits, an atmospheric original animation depicting the coronation of King Alexander III of Scotland in 1249 at Scone.

Opened 29th March 2024

Perth Museum, Scotland

“A deep box of delights opens up for city and nation…visitors are first immersed in an audio visual display which embraces the mythology and history of the Stone…

The atmospheric display offers a fresh and highly charged telling of the Stone’s meaning and importance.”

– The Scotsman


“The immersive experience they’ve created around the Stone of Destiny is a real highlight.”

– BBC News 



“A new-look leveller for the ancient seat of kings…you reach the relic through an anteroom with an immersive video installation by 59 Productions (the “Stone Experience) before the automatic doors open to allow you into its presence.”

– The Guardian



Composer and Sound Designer
Pippa Murphy

Voice-over Artist
Nicola Ferguson

Commissioned by
Culture Perth and Kinross and Perth and Kinross Council


59 Team

Art Director
Nicol Scott

Mark Grimmer



Associate Producer
Anna Jones

Stuart Fortune, Laurent De Vleeschouwer