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The Coast Starlight

Lincoln Center Theatre, New York


You never know how your life might change…

In this new play by Keith Bunin, a young man armed with a secret that can land him in terrible trouble boards the Coast Starlight, the long-distance train that runs from Los Angeles to Seattle. With the help of his fellow travellers, all of whom are reckoning with their own choices, he has roughly one thousand miles to figure out a way forward. THE COAST STARLIGHT is a smart, funny, and compassionate story about our capacity for invention and re-invention when life goes off the rails.

Opened 13th March 2023

Lincoln Center Theatre, New York

Production Photographs


Keith Bunin

Tyne Rafaeli

Arnulfo Maldonado

Ásta Bennie Hostetter

Lap Chi Chu

Original Music
Daniel Kluger

Projection Design
59 Productions

59 Team

Projection Director
Benjamin Pearcy

Associate Video Designer
Sam Molitoriss

Associate Producer
Anna Jones