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Sam and Her Amazing Book of Dinosaurs

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong


Prehistoric Dinoworld meets modern day Hong-Kong!

Opened at Hong Kong’s 2023 International Arts Carnival, Sam and her Amazing Book of Dinosaurs is a new ballet – a collaboration between 59 Productions, celebrated New York-based composer Nico Muhly and acclaimed Hong Kong Ballet Artistic Director Septime Webre. 59’s stage design brings together the analogue and the digital – with a physical set inspired by a children’s pop-up book, which is augmented by animation and video projection.

Nine-year-old Sam moves to a new neighbourhood in Hong Kong and faces the daunting challenge of making new friends and starting over at a different school. One morning, her teacher gives her a dusty old dinosaur encyclopaedia, which she discovers has magical powers. Inside the yellowing pages, she discovers a portal that transports her back to prehistoric times. There, Sam meets a baby dinosaur who becomes her best friend. But when Sam’s newfound friend tags along back to the modern world, she realises that her already difficult new life just got a lot more complicated…

Opened 14th July 2023

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Center


Septime Webre and 59 Productions

Choreography and Direction
Septime Webre

Nico Muhly

Mark Grimmer

Set & Video Design
59 Productions

Performed by
Hong Kong Ballet

Costume Design
Yoki Lai

Lighting Design
Sally Ferguson

Sound Design
Ella Wahlström

Lighting Associate / Programmer
Tamykha Patterson

Associate Sound Designer / Front of House Engineer
Tom Shipman

59 Team

Mark Grimmer

Video Designer
Tom Wexler

Set Designer
Dayoung Shin

Teya Lanzon

Assistant Video Designers
Felix Green
Simran Phull

Assistant Set Designers
Matt Wreglesworth
Hannah Rozenberg

David Curtis
Emily Howells
Lawrence Watson