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A journey through the past, present and future

Palace in Motion is an animated artwork which is projection-mapped onto the exterior of the spectacular Qasr Al Watan (Palace of the Nation) in Abu Dhabi.

Qasr Al Watan, built on the Ras Al Akhdar peninsula, encompasses 150 hectares and is home to the formal offices of the President, Vice President and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Commissioned by Miral Asset Management and the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi, Palace in Motion is the largest permanent projection mapping show in the world, covering a vast 11,501m² across the entire facade of the building.

Developed over the course of a year, 59 Productions worked closely with GSM Project to develop and create the content of the show, responding to a brief to develop a spectacular dramatic piece reflecting on the past, present and future of the UAE. Putting the intricate architecture of the Palace at its centre, Palace in Motion aims to celebrate the cultural history of the UAE as well as to empower and inspire future generations.

59 Productions also provided a complete technical design and management package, designing the technical infrastructure, delivering technical fit up and rehearsals together with equipment integrators Creative Technology as well as training local operators who will run the show daily. The system design includes state of the art equipment, including fifty-two Panasonic 31,000 lumen laser projectors, six Disguise 4×4 media servers, a custom-designed D&B sound system and extensive moving light package to create a complex permanent installation.

Palace in Motion was officially opened to the public by United Arab Emirates’ Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed during a spectacular gala event on the 10th March 2019.


Commissioned by Miral Asset Management and the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi

Production and Creative by GSM Project

Creative Director
Roch Michel

Project Manager
Kelly Fields

Creative, Technical and Production Design by 59 Productions

59 Team

Project Director
Leo Warner
Lysander Ashton

Executive Producer
Richard Slaney

Technical Director
Benjamin Pearcy

Senior Video Designer
Tom Wexler

Tommy Lexen

Jeff Beal

Lighting Designer
Tony Simpson
Benjamin Pearcy

Lighting Programmer
Adam Millard

Sound Designer
Tom Hackley

David Curtis
Lawrence Watson
Chris Rabet
Roland Lukacsi
Aaron Brady
Dominic Penrice
Jarek Radecki
Timo Lenton
Edd Stockton
Howard Kingston
Raf Pimlot
Viridian FX
Territory Studio

Assistant Video Designer
Diego Sanguino

Visualisations & Artworks
Matthew Taylor
Gareth Damian Martin
Dale Croft
Felix Green

Production Manager
James Roxburgh

System Engineer
Max Spielbichler

Technical Associate
Iain Syme

Video Programmer
Iain Syme
Max Spielbichler
David Callanan

Show Control Programmer
Chris Dunkin

Modelling and UV unwrap
Matt Wreglesworth
Bild Studio
Raf Pimlott

Architectural Designer
Claudia Fragoso
Khushali Chawda

Studio Coordinator
Kate Stanley