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Winner 2018 - Best UK VR Experience - 59 Productions

59 Productions have been commissioned by the BBC VR Hub to create a 6 minute bespoke VR experience inspired by the Five Telegrams commission by the BBC Proms, Edinburgh International Festival and 14-18 Now. The experience takes the second movement of Anna Meredith’s Five Telegrams and creates a brand new interpretation of the music in Virtual reality.

During the first world war millions of multiple choice postcards were sent home by soldiers from the trenches. Nothing except a signature was allowed to be written on the card – communication could only take place through prescribed phrases. Nothing to be Written is a VR artwork inspired by the messages on these postcards and the circumstances under which they were written and received.


Presented by
BBC Proms
Edinburgh International Festival
14-18 Now: WW1 Centenary Art Commissions

Commissioned by

Anna Meredith

59 Team

Project Director
Lysander Ashton

Mark Grimmer

Lead Animators
David Curtis
Marco Sandeman

Laurent de Vleeschouwer
Chris Stoneman

Rebecca Collis

Art Director
Molly Einchcomb

VR Development
All seeing Eye

Assistant Designers
Felix Green
Usamah Qaiser

Design Interns
Hannah Schrage
Marta Radecka

Audio Edit
Mike Hatch at Floating Earth

VR Sound Recording, Design & Mix
Tom Parnell, BBC R&D

With Special Thanks To
The Imperial War Museums