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Morgen und Abend

Royal Opera House


A work of quietly mesmerizing beauty

Co-commissioned by the Royal Opera House (London) and Deutsche Oper (Berlin), John Fosse and Georg Friedrich Haas’ new opera Morgen und Abend deals with the two universal experiences: the journey into life through birth and the journey into death.  Haas’ complex musical soundscape, brought to life by the performance’s conductor, Michael Boder, explores the emotions and mystery of these events.

Directed by Graham Vick, Morgen und Abend invites you into a stark but beautifully grey world created by Tony award winning designer Richard Hudson, where Johannes comes to terms with his death and his daughter, Signe, mourns him while resolving her guilt.

59’s role as video designers was to incorporate the opera’s text into the set, using delicately timed and graceful animation to surtitle the German lyrics of the show as well as add to this otherworldly experience.

The world premiere of Morgen und Abend took place on Friday 13th November 2015.

Opened 2015

Royal Opera House + Deutsche Oper Berlin

Richard Hudson’s designs for Graham Vick’s production suggest a conceptual-art installation, as a chair, a wardrobe, a door, a bed, and a rowing boat circle the stage at a glacial pace; everything including the characters­ is covered in dusty grey light … anyone wanting an operatic experience like no other should seize this chance
The transition from Morgen to Abend – morning to evening; birth to death – is magical and sumptuous, one major chord swooping atonally into another, then on again, as the years of Johannes pass.
a world premiere of which the Royal Opera and its Director of Opera Kasper Holten can be proud
A work of quietly mesmerizing beauty, “Morgen und Abend” shows how simple narrative can be invested with profound significance and beauty.


Georg Friedrich Haas

Jon Fosse

Michael Boder

Graham Vick

Richard Hudson

Lighting Designer
Giuseppe di Iorio

Video Design
59 Productions

59 Team

Creative Director
Leo Warner

Richard Slaney

Lead Animator
Lawrence Watson

Creative Assistant
Raphael Pimlott

Joseph Pierce
Nick Corrigan

Junior Animator
Alex Nechifor

Technical Associate
Maximilien Spielbichler

Design Intern
Matthew Taylor