“The image is emotionally stunning and intellectually inspiring”

Dr. John Mace Grunsfeld

Deep Field is a brand new film that celebrates the world’s most famous and successful space observatory – the Hubble Space Telescope – and its greatest discovery, the Deep Field.

A first-of-its-kind collaboration between Grammy award-winning composer & conductor Eric Whitacre, producers Music Productions, the Space Telescope Science Institute and 59 Productions, the film centres on the Hubble Deep Field image, an extraordinary photograph created by Hubble when it was pointed at a tiny and completely dark patch of sky and left to make a 10-day long exposure. What it revealed was a picture that contained over 3000 galaxies, each one composed of hundreds of billions of stars. Deep Field combines Hubble’s stunning imagery, including never-seen-before fly-bys of galaxies, alongside bespoke animations created by 59 Productions, which takes viewers on an unforgettable journey from planet Earth to the edges of our universe.

The Deep Field score is by Eric Whitacre and includes his ground-breaking Virtual Choir (VC5), featuring more than 8,000 singers from 120 countries across the globe. Recorded earlier this year, Virtual Choir 5: Deep Field unites scientists, a former astronaut, Hubble employees and singers from across the globe, aged between 4 and 87. Produced by celebrated film composer/producer John Powell, the soundtrack was recorded by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and professional choir, the Eric Whitacre Singers.

The film will be screened with live orchestra and chorus, including the Charlotte Symphony conducted by Christopher Warren-Green (30 November, 1 and 2 December), and the Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Eric Whitacre (21 February 2019), with multiple screenings, installations and performances in science and music festivals, concert halls, museums and galleries worldwide.

For more information on the film, please visit: deepfieldfilm.com



Lysander Ashton

Animation Director

Nick Corrigan

Executive Producer

Richard Slaney


Rebecca Collis


Mark Grimmer


Nick Corrigan


Dale Croft
Felix Green

Lead Animator

Edd Stockton


Simon Russell
Sean Kothe
Marco Sandeman
Dale Croft
Felix Green

Graphic Designer

Dale Croft

Design Intern

Hanna Schrage
Marta Radecka


Composer & Artistic Director

Eric Whitacre

Executive Producer

Music Productions

Film By

59 Productions
Space Telescope Science Institute

Music Productions:
Executive Producer

Claire Long


Meg Davies

Space Telescope Science Institute:
Production Lead

Greg Bacon

Executive Producers

Hussein Jirdeh
Denise Smith

Scientific Visualization Lead

Frank Summers


Greg Bacon
Joseph DePasquale
Zolt Levay
Dani Player

Composer & Conductor

Eric Whitacre

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Eric Whitacre Singers
Virtual Choir 5

Audio Production:
Produced By

John Powell

Recorded By

Mike Hatch- Floating Earth

Mixed By

John Traunwieser

Virtual Choir Editing by

John Michael Caldwell

Virtual Choir 5:

Meg Davies

Executive Director

Claire Long

Virtual Choir Community Support Team:
Team Leader

Jack Rowland

Support Team

Julie Souin
Sally Goodwin
Peter Budd
Wei Jiang
Camille Lee Cook