The total transformation of the iconic Beech Street Tunnel

Beech Street, Barbican, London

In March 2018, 59 Productions debuted their latest epic public artwork, co-produced with the Barbican. Spanning the Beech Street tunnel, this immersive audio-visual feast closed a central London traffic artery to place audience members inside a piece of contemporary classical music, allowing them to discover the sonic forms of a full orchestra up close and personal.

Using a specially recorded version of Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Karawane for Orchestra and Chorus, the event showcased the diverse sounds of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus using a unique sound design by fellow Tony Award-winner Gareth Fry, devised to play with the acoustic reflectivity of the tunnel.

Complementing the orchestral reverberations, both walls and the ceiling of the tunnel became projection surfaces displaying extraordinary, evolving patterns of light, working with and against the music to play with perspective and visual tone. A free event, spanning the weekend, the show played multiple times throughout the day and evening to an audience of several thousand.


Project Director

Richard Slaney

Lead Designer

Nick Corrigan


Ollie Hester

Sound Designer

Gareth Fry

Associate Sound Designer

Robin Whittaker

Lighting Associate

Tony Simpson


Aaron Brady
Simon Russell
Edd Stockton

Assistant Designers

Dale Croft
Matthew Taylor

Production Managers

James Roxburgh
Edd Slaney

Lead Programmer

Maximilien Spielbichler


Sam Jeffs
Vincent Steenhoek

Technical Assistant

Iain Syme

Technical Intern

David Callanan

GSMD Placement

Giovanni Rossi


Created by

59 Productions

Music by

Esa-Pekka Salonen

Produced by

the Barbican and
59 Productions

Project partner

BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chorus