Animators/ Designers

Freelance positions in London & NY

We are looking to expand our freelance design team and are open to portfolio and showreel submissions from outstanding Animators and Designers.

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Internship update: 59 Productions are hopeful that the internship scheme will be reintroduced towards the end of 2021. Please check back here in Autumn 2021 for any updates and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for up-to-date information.

59 Productions runs three paid internships in Administration, Video Design, and Technical / Production Management. These internships have been designed to offer individuals exciting and valuable experience within the industry during the early stages of their career. Each internship runs for a period of six calendar months during which the candidates are treated as full and valued members of the 59 Productions team and given access to mentoring and training opportunities as well as hands on experience. 59 Productions is proud to pay all its interns the London Living Wage.