creative team

Physicist (World Science Festival)
Brian Greene

Scott Faris

59 Productions 


Jeff Beal

For the World Science Festival

Beth Howard 

Associate Producer 
Tanner Dahlin

Assistant Animators 
Derek Breuer
Josh Zimmerman

Leon Baugh

59 Productions Team

Creative Director
Lysander Ashton

Richard Slaney

Lighting Designer
Benjamin Pearcy

Senior Animator
Nicol Scott

Senior Assistant Designer 
Akhila Krishnan

Lawrence Watson
Ninoslav Vrana

Technical Associate
Maximilien Spielbichler

Video Design, for 59 Productions:
Creative Director: Leo Warner
Animation Director: Zsolt Balogh
Senior assistant designer: Akhila Krishnan
Animators: Ninoslav Vrana, Dan Radley-Bemnnett
Assistant Designer: Gareth Damian-Martin

Programmer and associate designer: Nick Simmons
Assistant programmer and automation tracking: Dan Murfin

Live Action Shoot:
Director: Leo Warner & Nick Hytner
DoP: Vanessa Whyte
Camera Assistant/CIT: Chris Belcher
Producer: Akhila Krishnan

Related Projects

Light Falls

World Science Festival 2015

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s discovery of the general theory of relativity, this original work weaves together dramatic portrayals, state-of-the-art animation and innovative projection techniques to trace Einstein’s electrifying journey toward one of the most beautiful ideas ever conceived.

Brian Greene and an ensemble cast create a dramatic retelling of the breakthrough moments, near misses, agonizing frustrations, and emergence into the light, as one intrepid mind took on the universe, and won. 

Performance at the World Science Festival 2015, on 27 and 28th May 2015.  

Selected REVIEWS

"This year, the festival unveiled “Light Falls,” a more cerebral spectacle that delves into Einstein’s theories, with a theatrical twist....World Science Festival Finds Success in Physics, and more, as spectacle."

New York Times