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Oxfam: Say No To Coal

International Campaign


A short animated film

59 Productions was commissioned by Oxfam to create a short animated film for their campaign to reduce reliance on coal power. The animation, developed by Joseph Pierce and Mark Grimmer, was entirely hand drawn on paper, using charcoal, chalk and ink, and was created by a small team at the 59 Productions studio. The sound design for the film was created by regular 59 collaborator, Gareth Fry, and the voice-over was provided by BAFTA-winning actor, Simon Pegg.

Opened June 2015

International Campaign


Director / Lead Animator
Joseph Pierce

Mark Grimmer

Mark Grimmer

Senior Assistant Producer
Akhila Krishnan

Sound Design
Gareth Fry

Assistant Animator
Betsy Dadd

Music (UK Version)

Music (French and German Versions)
Jeff Beal

Voice Over (UK Version)
Simon Pegg

Voice Over (French & German Versions)

Additional Artwork
Betsy Dadd
Lara Lee
Aindri Chakraborty
Raphael Pimlott