About 59 Productions

The 59 team

Creative Directors


Leo Warner

Mark Grimmer

Lysander Ashton

Richard Slaney

Ben Pearcy


Full-time team-members


Suzanne James - General Manager

James Roxburgh - Production Manager

Akhila Krishnan - Creative Associate

Max Spielbichler - Technical Associate

Rebecca Collis - Assistant Producer
Raphael Pimlott - Designer

Nick Corrigan - Senior Designer (Video)

Tommy Lexen - Producer

Ollie Hester - Producer

Jenny Melville - Senior Architect

Claudia Fragoso - Architectural Designer

Hannah Fasching - Design Coordinator
Matthew Taylor -Assistant Designer


Internship Scheme


Dale Croft - Design Intern

Iain Syme - Technical Intern

Associate artists

Joseph Pierce - Animator and Director
Marco Sandeman - Animator and Editor

Lawrence Watson - Animator
Aneil Karia - Director

Nicol Scott - Animator


In Memoriam


Peter Stenhouse



We combine technology and art to tell amazing stories.

Whether creating stage productions, museum installations, live music performances, large scale events, or films, 59's team generates creative and technical ideas to help realise ambitious artistic projects.

Under 59's creative direction, artists from a range of disciplines - animators, filmmakers, writers, musicians, set, sound, video and lighting designers - come together with technical specialists, to expand their practice and create exciting and innovative work for audiences of all kinds. 

What We Do


59 Productions works with directors, curators, composers and other artists to help them develop innovative approaches to the presentation of their work. 59's creative directors offer consultancy and conceptual development at the beginning of the creative process, before assembling the best team to realise the project - whatever form it takes. Our practice is defined by a sensitivity to the demands of the individual project.

We also work with producers, promoters and cultural venues to develop artistic projects from scratch.


Since 59 Productions was founded in 2006, the company has established itself as one of the world's leading providers of video projection design for the stage. Extensive experience of the theatre making process, a breadth of artistic talent and cutting edge technical research has helped the company push the boundaries of the medium.

59 Productions has created visual content and technical design work for many of the world's greatest venues, including: the National Theatre, English National Opera, the Royal Opera House, The Metropolitan Opera New York, Lincoln Center, the Salzburg Festival, Schaubuhne Berlin, and the Sydney Opera House, as well as for productions in the West End and on Broadway.


As technology continues to evolve, new ways to reach audiences present themselves. To make the most of these opportunities, 59 Productions has expanded into the realm of interactive and digital design. From iPad apps to augmented reality to multi-user interactive work for a variety of environments, 59's team embraces the search for interesting ways to use new technology to tell amazing stories. 


Our work is at its best when it forms part of a cohesive and holistic whole. In both the theatrical and museum and gallery worlds, that sometimes means designing and overseeing the build of interiors and set works as well as lighting, sound, video and interactive elements. 59's in house creative team includes an ARB registered architect who is able to provide expertise on projects involving both internal and external 3d design.


At the very heart of our process is the fusing of art and technology: there is no conceptual divide between what we want to achieve creatively, and the means by which we might achieve it practically. 59's team of technicians work alongside our creatives, to ensure that ideas are achievable, and to suggest technological possibilities which may inspire new approaches to creative challenges.


 As well as playing the discrete roles described above,  the 59 Productions team sometimes also takes responsibility for the delivery of an entire project, from initial conceptual development, to project management, right through to technical delivery. Our regular in house team of designers and technicians can be expanded to include project and production managers, hardware consultants, tour managers and producers.