Creative Team

Written by
August Strindberg

Directed by
Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner

Set and Costume
Alex Eales

Lighting Design
Phil Gladwell

Paul Clark

Sound Design
Gareth Fry and Adrienne Quartly

Maja Zade

Video programmer
Jonathon Lyle

Fraulein Julie / Miss Julie

Schaubuhne, Berlin

About this project World Premiere

Fifty Nine Productions' Leo Warner co-directs with Katie Mitchell on this multimedia reimagining of August Strindberg's classic from 1888. The production re-imagines the story through the eyes of Julie's servant Kristin. 

Live video is ingeniously woven into the telling of the story, cutting together the arts of theatre and cinema. The production is a cinematic experience charged with the tension of being created live on stage each night. An intoxicating soundscape featuring live foley is accompanoed by a score performed by cellist Chloe Miller.

Frauline Julie is one of a catalogue of collaborations between Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner who together have pioneered the new medium of 'live cinema.' Previous shows include the critically acclaimed Al Gran Sole Carico D’Amore and Waves, applauded by The Times as being 'art of the highest order.'

(Photographs by Stephen Cummiskey)


‘It’s a rigorous and highly technical account of Strindberg’s play that is nevertheless soulful, attentive to small gestures in a way that feels achingly precise. Directors Katie Mitchell and Leo Warner have blended camera technology with theatre, creating a peculiar intimacy. Everything seems deeply charged, and even the buttoning of a shirt resembles an act of religious significance.’

 **** The Evening Standard

'By focusing so eloquently on tiny, daily gestures, this ingenious staging responds afresh to the radical naturalism of the play and to the shocking carelessness of its two main protagonists.'

**** Theatre & Dance

'By these studiedly non-naturalistic means and the switch of perspective, the directors succeed in re-administering an equivalent of the naturalist shock that original inflicted on its audiences in 1888. A marvel.'

 **** The Independent

‘A mixture of intense realism and slumbering fantasy. Fräulein Julie, […] uses multimedia techniques to heighten the naturalistic detail.’

****The Guardian

‘Fräulein Julie is a feat of technical engineering and experimentation in finding the intimate encounters between characters, both physically and mentally. Working alongside long-term collaborator Leo Warner as co-director, the live relay is intersected with shots from within the room itself, and close-ups manipulated outside the space using Cathlen Gawlich as a body double for Kristin. The outcome is a live film that captures an intimate portrayal of love, hope and loss, as if examining the characters within a laboratory under a microscope.’

 A Younger Theatre

'The quietly slow pace is reminiscent of Tarkovsky, there is very little dialogue, but this version puts you right in that countryhouse kitchen — it’s a uniquely intense experience.'

 The Arts Desk

'Frauline Julie directed by Katie Mitchell for Berlin's Schaubühne theatre, is a visual experiment – as much painterly and cinematic as theatrical. A radical, fastidious, intriguing production.’

 The Guardian

‘The essential quality of any great work of art is a certain captivating strangeness.’ 

 The Telegraph