New Jibla

A satirical exploration of future society on Mars

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre,
Kuwait City

Following earth’s total destruction from a major catastrophe, first-world citizens depart to Mars, including a single Kuwaiti family who sneakily boards the space shuttle, whilst other Kuwaitis and third-world citizens migrate to Saturn.

Years after the flight from the burning planet to Mars, social justice and human well-being are achieved. Yet despite all the advantages of Martian life, Jassem and Salwa face opposition from their families, who still hold onto the traditions and customs of their former life on Earth.

Written by Saud Al-Sanousi and directed by Julian Webber, this newly-commissioned play simultaneously takes a satirical look at the future whilst questioning the values and ideals of present-day Kuwait.

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Produced by

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre

59 Team


Leo Warner

Video Designer

Max Italiaander


Ollie Hester

Set Designer

Claudia Fragoso

Lighting Designer

James Farncombe

Sound Designer

Max Pappenheim

Associate Sound Designer

Phil Michael

Production Manager

Ian Moore

Assistant Video Designer

Hanna Schrage

Assistant Set Designer

Ayanna Blair-Ford
Asha Pandit
Hannah Rozenberg
Matt Wregglesworth

Lighting Programmer

Robin Senoner


Georgia Clegg
David Curtis
Jamie McComb

Company Stage Manager

Pippa Meyer

Deputy Stage Manager

Marisa Ferguson

Assistant Stage Manager

Hannah Gregory

Video Programmer

Andrew Doig

Production Video Technician

Richard Wells