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My Name is Peter Stillman

HOME, Manchester & Lyric, London


A new virtual reality experience

My Name is Peter Stillman is a brand new Virtual Reality (VR) experience created by 59 Productions and supported by The Space, inspired by American novelist Paul Auster’s first work, The New York Trilogy. It opened at HOME, Manchester in February 2017 and transferred to the Lyric, Hammersmith in London, alongside the stage production of City of Glass in April 2017.

A telephone rings three times in the dead of night. A man called Peter Stillman is looking to hire a private detective, Paul Auster of the Auster Detective Agency, someone Daniel Quinn is not. This thrilling experience combines hand-drawn animation and cutting edge VR technology to distort the line between reality and fiction, placing audiences at the centre of this experience as the strange and haunting story unfolds. My Name is Peter Stillman is experienced with an Oculus Rift VR headset, in a specially-installed VR booth. It was created to enhance and transform the experience of the theatre goer before and after they take their seats for the show City of Glass, produced by 59 Productions, however, outside of the theatrical adaptation it is a story to be experienced in its own right.

Opened 2017

HOME Theatre, Manchester & Lyric Hammersmith, London

Festivals & Competitions

Venice VR Award
Cinequest Laurel
Geneva International Film Festival

Venice Film
Festival Bridge

September 2017

Film Festival

October 2017

Geneva International
Film Festival

November 2017

Digital Cities

June 2017

IFP Week
New York

September 2017

Rural Media

October 2017


March 2018

British Animation Awards

Expanded Animation Award
March 2018

Audience response...

The tie in of all the sensory input. Theatre is a two way experience, and so was this. Magnificent.
Loved it all! When the room changed around me! FABULOUS!
Transformative experience. Style of the design was excellent. Loved feeling out of my own body.
I found all the elements fantastic, I was overwhelmed with the visual quality of sound and animation. It evokes a sense of darkness.


Inspired By
‘City Of Glass’ by Paul Auster

Voice Of Peter Stillman
Joshua James

VR Director
Lysander Ashton

Performance Director
Leo Warner

Design Concept
Leo Warner
Jenny Melville

Joseph Pierce
Edd Stockton

Assistant Director
Raphael Pimlott

VR Developer
Ollie Lindsey
Adam Child

Sound Design
Gareth Fry

Rebecca Collis
Vicky Graham
Anna Jameson

Installation Design
Claudia Fragoso

Graphic Design
Rebecca Pitt

Iain Syme
Edward Slaney

KD Productions

Funded By
The Space

With Special Thanks To
Sarah Topliss
Fiona Morris
Michael Ogden