A modern interpretation of a classic Kuwaiti musical

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre,
Kuwait City

A country’s past is defined by the stories told by one generation to the next. Kuwait’s history and development over the last 100 years has seen one of the most remarkable cultural and economic changes of any nation.

In Memoirs of a Sailor, the past is brought vividly back to life by the words of an old grandmother, telling her grandson the great story of his family’s rise to wealth. As the boy listens to his grandmother’s words, her memories materialise before his eyes, and he is able to enter and re-live the story of his past.

These themes of memory and imagination were in turn the inspiration for 59’s design team. Our scenic, projection and lighting designs for the production were built around themes of magic and transformation. In re-imagining this much-loved story for a contemporary audience, 59 created a theatrical environment in which anything can happen: the world of Kuwait’s past was conjured out of the present – sand becomes water, dunes become waves. The stage became a beach, a boat, and the rich but treacherous underwater world of the pearl diver.

In creating this magical world, 59 made use of all of the extraordinary facilities of the world-class National Theatre at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre, establishing an ambitious new theatrical programme for Kuwait.


Produced by

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre


Mohammed Al-Fayez


Ghannam Al-Deikan


Yarub Bourhamah

Lighting, Projection & Set Design

59 Productions

Sound Design

Sebastian Frost


Yannis Adoniou

Costume Design

Muneera Al Azawi

Producer (for SJACC)

Talal Al-Muhanna


Project Director

Leo Warner

Video Director

Lysander Ashton

Set Designer

Jenny Melville

Lighting Designer

Mark Jonathan


Ollie Hester

Video Designer

Raphael Pimlott

Assistant Video Designers

Dale Croft
Iain Syme

Assistant Set Designers

Kushali Chawda
Claudia Fragoso
Marzio Scottoni

Video Programmers

Rowan Pitts
Magnus Lewrén


David Curtis
Emily Howells
Jarek Radecki
Marco Sandeman
Chris Stoneman


Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka

Lighting Associate

James Smith

Lighting Programmer

Dan Street

Technical Assistant

Iain Syme