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My homeland, up close and loud

Má Vlast is a unique multi-screen exhibition commissioned by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in celebration of 100 years of the founding of the Czech Republic. The piece celebrates the music of the great Czech Composers, Smetana and Janáček and uses live action footage and animation to accompany the recordings of the Orchestra.

Lasting 25 minutes in total, the first half, The Vltava by Bedřich Smetana, symbolises the deep history of the Czech nation. The video follows the flow of the Vltava river from it’s source down into Prague. The second part of the installation is focused on the boom of Czech art throughout the 100 years. The music to accompany this is the fourth and fifth movements of Janáček’s Sinfonietta. This works with the motif of melted glass, which is transformed into abstract shapes from the work of Czech painters, architects and designers.

Visitors can experience Má Vlast in a specially designed darkened room in six regional cities through June to November.

Tour Dates

Brno 8th June – 17th June 2018
Plzeň 20th June – 12th July 2018
Praha 24th July – 24th August 2018
Liberec 27th August – 6th October 2018
Hradec Králové 9th October – 16th October 2018
Ostrava 24th October – 20th November 2018

Opened June - November 2018

Czech Republic

Behind the scenes


Klára Slavíková

Location Manager
Miloš Vesely

Marek Kajlanic

Production Manager
Matouš Heger

Drone Operator
Marek Tajbl

Camera Truck Driver
Stanislav Hupák

Laura Figurová

Drone Assistant
Vladamír Doležel

59 Team

Richard Slaney

Rebecca Collis

Production Manager
James Roxburgh

Sound Designer
Tom Hackley

Lawrence Watson

Felix Green

With Thanks To
Ondrej Tikovsky

Senior Video Designer
Akhila Krishnan

Vanessa Whyte

Technical Associate
Maximilien Spielbichler

1st AC / Additional Camera Operator
Chin Okoronkwo

Sean Kothe

Assistant Designer
Hannah Fasching

Architectural Designer
Claudia Fragoso

Raphael Pimlott

Video Programmer
Christopher Dunkin

2nd AC/Video Editor
Jessie Rodger

Georgia Clegg

Design Intern
Hanna Schrage