Kuwait Calling

Performance magic inspired by Kuwait’s origin story

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre,
Kuwait City

Kuwait Calling was a trailblazing collaboration between the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre (JACC), a cultural powerhouse in the Arabian Gulf region, and 59 Productions’ team of Tony and Olivier Award-winning creatives, featuring dancers from Rambert, one of the UK’s leading contemporary dance companies.

Curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the site-specific piece, inspired by Kuwait’s origin story, reimagined the possibilities of live performance – combining dance and music with live motion-capture and architectural-scale projection mapping.

In a dramatic dialogue between the physical body and cutting-edge technology, 12 dancers from Rambert together with five Kuwaiti dancers performed this new work, uniting contemporary and traditional dance choreographed by Rambert’s Artistic Director, Benoit Swan-Pouffer. Dancers were fitted with motion-capture suits, and as the narrative progressed, the live-data captured from the suits enabled the dancers to control the animated projections in real time.

Just as the choreography embraced modernity and tradition, an original musical score created by critically-acclaimed British and Kuwaiti composers, Paul Clark, Dr. Ahmad Al Salhi and Yousif Yaseen, uniquely combined Western composition with live Arabic instrumentation including rababa, tabla, oud, violin and qunan, to an evocative, transporting effect.

Co-conceived by 59 Productions’ founder Leo Warner, JACC’s Director Faisal Khajah and Head of Creative Production Reham Alsamerai, Kuwait Calling was the first production at JACC specifically designed to be presented both regionally and internationally.  The creative team designed-in the repurposing of the show to facilitate future performances in radically diverse spaces, both indoor and out. 59 Productions and JACC are in discussion with a number of promoters and partners from across the globe and look forward to announcing details of further presentations of this ambitious production beyond the region in the coming months.

The Design

Developing the Design Approach

Venue and Staging Design

Motion Capture



Productions Photos


Conceived, directed and designed by

59 Productions

59 Team


Leo Warner


Benoit Swan Pouffer

Original Music by

Paul Clark


Ollie Hester

Stage Designer

Jenny Melville

Video Designer

Max Italiaander

Lighting Designer

Matt Daw

Sound Designer

Gareth Fry

Costume Designer

Laura Hopkins

Assistant Video Designers

Felix Green
Diego Sanguino
Nick Corrigan
Nicol Scott
Dale Croft
Jamie McComb

Assistant Stage Designers

Daniel Liston
Khushali Chawda
Hannah Rozenberg
Josh Doyle
Matthew Wreglesworth
Ayanna Blair-Ford
Asha Pandit

Costume Supervisor

Megan Doyle

Stage Manager

Laura Deards

Deputy Stage Manager

Emma Frith


David Curtis
Tom Munday
Armin Kazlauskas
Jarek Radecki
Emily Howells

Production Managers

Jo Athroll
James Roxburgh

Production Electricians

Dom Cook
Adam Squire

Sound Mixer

Chris Reid

System Engineer

Max Spielbichler

Technical Associate

Iain Syme

Video Programmers

David Callanan
Jack Jewell

Design Interns

Marta Radecka
Flora Macleod
Lorna Pittaway

Technical Interns

Rhian Campbell
David Brown
Jay Meyer
Richard Wells
Graham Keith

For Rambert


Benoit Swan Pouffer


Julia Valentini

Rehearsal Director

Jason Kittelberger

Company Manager

Debbie Norris


Chen Peng
Emily Gunn
Clark Griffin
Juliette Wooden
Max Cookward
Michael Kelly
Melody Tamiz
Minouche Van de Ven
Nathan Chipps
Prince Lyons
Océane Robin Torrent
Vivian Pakkanen

For Jacc


Faisal Khajah

Head of Creative Production

Reham Alsamerai

Musical Director

Yousif Yaseen

Music Supervisor

Dr. Ahmad Al-Salhi