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VOGUE: Inventing the Runway

Lightroom, London


Placing you front row on the runway

Opening on October 25th at Lightroom, London.

Inventing the Runway explores the history of the fashion runway show, from the intimate couture salons of the early 20th century, right up to the significant, mass media events we see today. Using Vogue’s remarkable archive and contributor network, we’re creating an experience that brings together the industry’s leading voices from the past, present, and future.

We will once again bring our video design and narrative development to Lightroom, collaborating on the script-writing process.

VOGUE: Inventing the Runway transports an audience to the front row of fashion shows and behind the scenes, through locations and eras. Using Lightroom’s 360-degree canvas, we want designers’ visions to be seen and interacted with up close and at scale.

Through a cycle of thematic chapters, the productions will use original animation and immersive sound design accompanied by an original score that fuses classical and pop music to evoke the worlds that these iconic shows inhabited as they shifted the cultural landscape.