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Global Citizen Festival


Exploring the uniting power of the Earth from space

In 2015, to mark the launch of the UN’s new Global Goals for Sustainable Development, 59 Productions produced a short film with Richard Curtis in association with the Global Poverty Project, the United Nations and NASA.

The film explored the idea that the best way for us to ensure the future safety of the planet is to consider the whole Earth as our collective home. Drawing on interviews with past and current astronauts, the film uses material from NASA’s extensive archive to show the Earth as viewed from space over the course of the last fifty years. Form this unique viewpoint, the film explores what global unity might look like, and what it might hope to achieve.

Broadcast worldwide as part of the coverage of the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, Home was also screened to world leaders in the United Nations General Assembly.

Opened 2015

Global Citizen Festival, Central Park

With special thanks to…

Commander Scott Kelly, Ed Cooper Clarke, Polly Mallinson, Frances Simpson Allen, Rebecca Collis, NASA, Christchurch Studios, Bristol, Nicole Stott, Aleksei Leonov, Frank Borman, Sultan Bin Salman Al Saud, Getty Images, Time Based Arts, The Global Poverty Project


Creative Directors
Mark Grimmer
Leo Warner

Written by
Mark Grimmer and Richard Curtis

Mark Grimmer

Joseph Pierce

Produced By
The United Nations

Assistant Producer
Akhila Krishnan

Nicol Scott

Additional Animation
Jesse Richards

Digital Post Producer
James Long

Sound Design and Mix
Gareth Fry

Steven Price

Jack McGinity

Sound Recordist
Ian Humphries

Archive Research
Christopher Riley

Voice Over Artist
Valene Kane

Additional Voiceover