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Fink Hard Believer Tour

World Tour


A dynamic fusion of light and scenography designed for touring

Fink, aka Fin Greenall, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter who has worked with the likes of John Legend, Amy Winehouse and Professor Green. Along with Guy Whittaker and Tim Thornton, he forms a band whose sound bridges delicate folk guitar, soulful vocals and sharp off-beat rhythms.

Following on from a previous collaboration, in 2014 59 Productions created the stage and lighting design for the live tour of his acclaimed album – Hard Believer. Drawing from the distinct atmospheres of his music, 59 created an environment built from a matrix of pinspot lighting fixtures programmed into a diverse range of kinetic modes, capturing the dynamism of each individual song. 

This industrial, minimalist stage design was not only designed to reflect and enhance the music, but to provide a flexible solution for an international tour, reaching audiences in a multitude of music venues around the globe.

‘A flexible tool that is very strong and almost brutalist in its minimalism’


Fin Greenall
Tim Thornton
Guy Whittaker

Leo Warner

Lighting Designer
Max Spielbichler

Touring Lighting Designer
Andrés Atkinson

Set Designer
Molly Einchcomb

Production Manager
James Roxburgh

Produced by
59 Productions
Ninja Tune