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Digital Revolution

Barbican Centre, London


An unprecedented exhibition of digital creativity

Digital Revolution was the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK.

This immersive and interactive exhibition brought together for the first time a range of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers, all pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media. It also looked at the dynamic developments in the areas of creative coding and DIY culture and the exciting creative possibilities offered by augmented reality, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies and 3-D printing.

59 Productions led the media design for the exhibition working with a wide range of contributors and artists to create a variety of different pieces, including projection design, interactive pieces, apps and more.

Showcase moments for 59 included the ‘Digital Archeology’ projection wall, a multiscreen piece exploring digital culture highlights of the past 40 years.  59 has also worked closely with the teams from visual effects studios Framestore and Double Negative to realise exciting new installation pieces exploring the ground-breaking work on two iconic (and oscar-winning) films, Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity.

Both installations demonstrated how exhibitions must go beyond typical paradigms to showcase the innovation, depth and complexity of the work being done in new digital media, and created rich experiences for visitors that brought them into the world of visual and digital effects like never before.

Opened 2014

Barbican Centre, London

Digital Revolution is an incredibly ambitious and remarkable achievement, that manages to span decades and entirely separate art forms while consistently being fascinating, engaging, and refreshingly new.
If the show is looking to emulate how every aspect of our senses is touched by what the Barbican terms the ‘digital Renaissance’ – screens everywhere, each person focussing on something different, sounds and visuals merging together in a disorientating cacophony – it’s undoubtedly succeeded.
This new show is a genre-bending playground of digital creativity; a sensory-overloading amusement arcade of sound and vision that looks back to the 1970s and right through into the future.


Head of Barbican International Enterprises
Neil McConnon

Guest Curator
Conrad Bodman

Assistant Curators
Dani Admiss
Sunny Cheung

Exhibition Interior Design
Ab Rogers Design

Media Design
59 Productions

59 Team

Creative Directors
Lysander Ashton
Richard Slaney

Animator / Editor
Joseph Pierce

Line Producer
Akhila Krishnan

Assistant Designer
Gareth Damian Martin

Sound Design
Gareth Fry

Technical Design
Ben Pearcy

Senior Technician
Andy Coates

Technical Associate
Maximilien Spielbichler

Nick Corrigan

Chris Plant
Steve Holmes
Oli Lippiet