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Al Atlal

Kuwait City


Celebrating the legend Umm Kulthum as never seen before

Al Atlal (‘The Ruins’) is an operatic concert celebrating the legend Umm Kulthum as never seen before. Presenting three of her most famous songs: Amal Hayati, Ana Fi’Intezarak and Al Atlal, this unique production saw her works performed by May Farouq and conducted by maestro Emad Ashour.

Referencing archive footage of Umm Kulthum’s most iconic concerts, Act 1 showcased the talent of May Farouk and the orchestra in an elegant setting that evoked the atmosphere of a classic mid-century performance. Act 2, in bold contrast, presented Ibrahim Nagi’s epic poem ‘Al Atlal’ on a vast set featuring imposing projection-mapped columns and a sweeping staircase, both of which were augmented with stunning imagery to amplify the powerful themes of a classic Egyptian story.

Opened 2019

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre, Kuwait City


Produced by
Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Centre

59 Team

Design Director
Lysander Ashton

Video Designer
Tom Wexler

Ben Cooper

Set Designer
Jenny Melville

Lighting Designer
Rob Casey

Associate Set Designer
Claudia Fragoso

Assistant Video Designer
Felix Green

David Curtis
Sean Kothe

Production Manager
Phil Wilding

Deputy Stage Manager
Rosie Gilbert

Video Programmer
Jack Jewell

Lighting Programmer
Sam Ohlsson

Production Supervisor
Martyn Russell