War Horse


Directors: Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris

Designer/Drawings: Rae Smith

Puppet Design and Fabrication: Basil Jones & Adrian Kohler

Lighting Designer: Paule Constable

Director of Movement: Toby Sedgwick

Songmaker: John Tams

Music: Adrian Sutton

Sound Designer: Christopher Shutt

Video Designers: Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer

Associate Video Designer: Lysander Ashton

Animation: Joseph Pierce for Fifty Nine Productions

War Horse

National Theatre

Selected Reviews

'This is a show that is greater than its parts, and it works like a dream. Besides the puppets, the stars here are Rae Smith's astonishing design, Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer's video, the folk sounds of John Tams, and Paule Constable's exquisite lighting.' Guardian

'The technical side of the show now surpasses itself. And those sublime horses – to call it puppetry is a bit like calling what went into the Sistine Chapel grouting.' Independent


After an award winning sell out run last year, War Horse returns to the National Theatre this autumn. To read reviews of the original production and to view photographs, click here