Ten Billion - Royal Court - Animation and Projection Design by Fifty Nine Productions

Creative Team

Director Katie Mitchell

Design Giles Cadle

Video Design Leo Warner and Tim Reid for 59 Productions

Composer Paul Clark

Lighting Designer Jon Clark

Sound Designer Gareth Fry

Associate Director Lyndsey Turner

Ten Billion

Royal Court / Festival d'Avignon

About this Project

By the end of this century, the human population is likely to be over ten billion. Just twenty five years ago, it was less than five billion. How are the choices we’re making as a species impacting upon our environment? And how will the sheer force of numbers affect the way we live in the future?

Scientist Stephen Emmott and director Katie Mitchell deliver a new kind of scientific lecture, highlighting key issues being lost in translation in our discussion of the environment.

Ten Billion paints a vivid portrait of a species with its head in the sand.

Read Professor Stephen Emmott discussing the project in The Guardian

Photograph by Stephen Cummiskey