Spilt Milk - written by Mark Grimmer and Aneil Karia

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Creative Team

Director Aneil Karia

Aneil Karia
Mark Grimmer
Jack Laskey
Jono Layton

Cinematographer Stuart Bentley

Sound Recordist Helen McGovern

Editor Robbie Morrison

Cast includes:

Ben Whishaw

Jodie Whittaker

Robert Bathurst

Ingrid Oliver

Joseph Marcell

Paul Copley

Spilt Milk



Co-written by Mark Grimmer, Aneil Karia, Jack Laskey and Jono Layton, this half hour comedy sketch show pilot was recently awarded a Royal Television Society award. It was described by chief creative officer of BBC Vision as “…consistently laugh out loud, with excellent writing and performances. A talented group to watch out for in the future...”

For more information on the Royal Television Society awards, click here.