Creative Team

Curated and produced by:
Victoria Broackes
with Anna Landreth Strong
and Elizabeth Harris

Creative Director: 
Leo Warner

Video Designer: 
Akhila Krishnan

3D design:
Laura Hopkins

Sound design:
Gareth Fry

Paul Clark

Production Manager: 
James Roxburgh

Lighting design:
DHA Designs

Installation build:
Illusion Design and Construct

Mural and main logo design:

With special thanks to:
Dr Janet Birkett, Dr Kate Dorney, Grace Irvine. 

Shakespeare: Greatest Living Playwright

V&A/59 Productions

About this project

This installation celebrates the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth in 1564. The works of Shakespeare have been translated into every major living language and are performed and filmed more often than those of any other writer.

At the centre is the First Folio of 1623: the first collected edition of 36 of Shakespeare’s plays, often described as the most important work in the English language. Surrounding the Folio, objects, films, interviews and archival images from the V&A’s Theatre and Performance Collections highlight the extraordinary diversity of approaches that actors, directors and designers are inspired by this book to create. Since Shakespeare’s age, his plays have been performed thousands of times: from the original King’s Men to Victorian extravaganzas, from 20th century abstraction to an explosion of foreign language productions in the 21st century. Shakespeare’s works cross centuries and continents, and have given practitioners the freedom to interpret them for successive generations and myriad cultures. They remain as relevant and contemporary as ever.