Seven Deadly Sins - Royal Ballet - video design by 59 productions


Music by: Kurt Weill

Director: Will Tuckett

Designer: Lez Brotherston

Lighting Designer: Paule Constable

Video Design: Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer for Fifty Nine Productions

Seven Deadly Sins

Royal Ballet


Fifty Nine Productions was commissioned to shoot the original footage and design its integration into this ballet chante for the Royal Ballet at the ROH in Covent Garden.

The one day shoot took place in a studio set up in the Opera House and featured principal ballerina, Zenaida Yanowsky who appeared in the production alongside singer Martha Wainwright who played her identical twin sister, Anna.

The footage was eventually played out across two towers of plasma screens flanking the stage.

Selected Reviews

'Tuckett's is not just another choreographic version, but also a new theatre work altogether and a very good one that benefits from the collaboration of artists, such as Lez Brotherston on the designs, Paule Constable on the lighting and Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer on the video designs. It provides a splendid vehicle for equally outstanding artists.'


"The Seven Deadly Sins is beautifully crafted, and its choreography is dense, tight and clever throughout... Technically, like Brotherston's sets, it gleams."


"Seven Deadly Sins is worth the wait...Deliciously devoid of Weimar mannerisms, Wainwright's breathy tunefulness and belting rasp turn the Brecht/Weill songs into quasi-rock anthems - and the sisters into characters who could have ended up in Warhol's Factory."