Roam - National Theatre of Scotland / Grid Iron - Video design by 59 Productions


Written & Directed by Ben Harrison

Produced by Judith Doherty

Lighting by Paul Claydon

Video Design by Fifty Nine Productions

Costume by Joan Hickson

Choreography by Fleur Darkin

Dramaturg - Zinnie Harris

Set design by Cliff Dolliver and Davy Dummigan

Music by Philip Pinsky


Grid Iron / National Theatre of Scotland

ABOUT THIS PROJECT 'The video is integral and flawless... the show even has its own rolling news channel.'

***** The Herald

For this site-specific extravaganza by Grid Iron, Fifty Nine Productions took over the banks of monitors above the check in desks at Edinburgh International Airport (with the kind permission of BAA) to display both still images and custom shot footage, including a CGI mock up of a live news report describing Edinburgh's descent into civil war.

The production also featured fixed live cameras positioned at a custom built immigration area designed by Cliff Doliver.

Fifty Nine Productions also produced a documentary about the making of the show for the National Theatre of Scotland. More information will be added to the Film Section of this website soon.

Selected Reviews

In a class of its own for site-specific work, the technical execution of Roam is astonishing [...] Video is integral and flawless... the show even has its own rolling news channel.

***** The Herald, 07/04/06

Roam [...] is the only theatre performance I've ever attended that requires you to take your passport to gain admission. It transports you from check-in to departure gate and eventually the baggage carousel where a single uncollected and unloved suitcase revolves tragically round and round. One of the chief joys is that you're not always sure what you are seeing is part of the show or just real life.

**** The Guardian, 07/04/06

the show really takes flight, as it throws up a myriad of thought-provoking personal and political scenarios at check-in and the departure lounge. Among these are meditations and mediations on the nature of transit, international travel, global politics and notions of national identity and history.

**** The Metro, 07/04/06

the power and energy of Pinsky's troubling, world-music-influenced score has already warned us that there's serious business ahead. The screens at the check-in feature not only the "roamair" logo, but the output of an increasingly frantic 24-hour news channel reporting civil disturbances across Scotland. And what emerges, over the next 100 minutes, is essentially a show in three strands, superbly performed by a team of eight professional actors, and a group of ten local pensioners and children, some recently arrived in Scotland from other countries.

**** The Scotsman, 12/04/06