Really Old, Live Forty-Five - National Theatre - video design by 59

Creative Team

Director Anna Mackmin

Designer Lez Brotherston

Lighting Designer Mark Henderson

Video Design Fifty Nine Productions

Choreographer Scarlett Mackmin

Sound Designer Chris Shutt

Really Old, Live Forty-Five

National Theatre


A new play by Tamsin Oglesby

You can sit there with your knit knit knitting but some of us have places to go, some of us are still ready to strip the light fandango before we shuffle off, so don't tell me what to do.

There are just too many old people.

As a government research body seeks to deal with the problems of a maturing population, a family addresses its own. Lyn’s memory starts to go, Alice takes a fall and even Robbie has to face the signs of ageing. Relations are put to the test across three generations. As are those who enter the increasingly sinister world of State Care.

I don’t see how you can legislate for all old people this way. What’s the cut off?

Tamsin Oglesby’s furious comedy confronts head-on our embarrassment and fear about old age. It exposes a society in which compassion vies with pragmatism and, by asking unequivocal questions, it comes up with some extraordinary answers.

Oh they’d have a choice, yes. If they choose quality of life over cure. Quality of life has always been an option.

World Premiere