Olympic Opening Ceremony Title Stings | 59 Productions

Production Team

Live-action director:
Aneil Karia

Joseph Pierce

Director of Photography:
Chloe Thomson

and Vanessa Whyte

Art Director:
Molly Einchcomb

and Akhila Krishnan

Joel Rainsley

Andy Woodcock

Focus Puller:
Emil Davidov

Production Assistant:
Katie Jackson

Creative director for 59:
Leo Warner

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Olympic Title Stings

59 Productions

About these videos

These live-action title stings headlined the "scenes" in Danny Boyle's Olympic Opening Ceremony. All of them were displayed on the vast screens in the stadium, synchronised with the action on stage, and many were cut in full-frame to the live worldwide broadcast.

Produced by 59 - video designers for the Opening Ceremony - the sequences were directed by Aneil Karia and edited by 59's Joseph Pierce.


Green and Pleasant Land

Happy & Glorious

Happy & Glorious - alternative [deleted] version

Second to the Right...


Isles of Wonder

Thanks Tim