Creative Team

Katie Mitchell

Video Director
Leo Warner (59)

Alex Eales

Laura Hopkins

Jack Knowles

Gareth Fry & Melanie Wilson

Recorded video
Grant Gee

Video Technical Manager
Jonathon Lyle (59)

Assistant to the video designer
Akhila Krishnan

Production Coordinator
Pippa Meyer

Duncan Macmillan & Lyndsey Turner


Nikolaus Benda / Daniel Betts / Ruth Marie Kröger / Renato Schuch / Julia Wieninger

Frederike Bohr / Lily McLeish / Christin Wilke / Nikolaus Benda / Daniel Betts / Renato Schuch

Reise Durch Die Nacht / Night Train

Schauspiel Koln

About this Project

Directed by Katie Mitchell, this adaptation of Friederike Mayröcker's poetic prose novella at the Schauspielhaus Kóln features video directed by Leo Warner and produced by 59 Productions. This is one piece from a string of collaborations between Mitchell and Warner exploring the use of cinematic-quality live video in a theatrical environment, including the production Al Gran Sole Carico d'Amore

On stage, a full-size train carriage dominates (designed by Alex Eales). The actors inhabit this extraordinary set, filmed by camera operators visible to the naked eye on stage, but invisible on the final projected film due to a highly elaborate choreography of camera moves, two-way mirrors, hidden camera compartments and a ruthless attention to detail. The sense of constant movement - essential to the success of the story - is created using ingenious lighting effects (created by lighting designer Jack Knowles), projection into windows, fans, impeccable acting, and a detailed and highly atmospheric sound design (by Gareth Fry and Melanie Wilson).

At first the carriage set appears to be single, complete unit, but as the piece progresses and the technical ambition of the night-time sequences and nightmares increases, it starts to split apart and sections revolve, both revealing more of the intricacies of how the piece is constructed to the audience, and increasing the heightened sense of surreality and disorientation for characters and audience alike.


Selected reviews

'One is amazed by the carriages that open up revealing sound labs and other inner makings of a production in which every millimeter, every second is precisely calculated.'

Kölner Rundschttaut

'A multi-layered multimedia journey to the innermost female psyche.'

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

'We had nearly forgotten that this journey is being made by people not by magic.'

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

'A hallucinatory cosmos somewhere between Ingmar Bergman and David Lynch.'

Kölner Rundschau

'Forceful, virtuous and harrowing.'

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Photographs by Stephen Cummisky