Duncan Macmillan

Katie Mitchell

Video Director
Leo Warner

Set Designer
Lizzie Clachan

Costume Designer
Sussie Juhlin-Wallen

Video Designer
Finn Ross

Sound Designers
Gareth Fry, Melanie Wilson

Lighting Designer
Jack Knowles


Kate Duchêne, Andreas Schröders

Ruth Marie Kröger
Clara Haber

Jenny König
Claire Haber

Felix Römer
Fritz Haber

Giorgio Spiegelfeld
French Soldier

Andreas Hartmann, Stefan Kessissoglou

Sebastian Pircher
Camera / American Soldier

Forbidden Zone

Salzburg Festival / Schaubuhne Berlin

 "Katie Mitchell’s stunning new multimedia piece speaks powerfully about men, women and war"

***** Financial Times


For nearly a decade 59 Productions has been working with director Katie Mitchell on a theatrical technique called "Live Cinema", in which a seamless, cinematic-quality film is shot in real-time on stage in front of a theatre audience.

With video direction by 59's Leo Warner, the piece includes elaborate film and stage sets (designed by Lizzie Clachan), which include several detailed period rooms, as well as a moving 1940's Chicago subway train that is brought to life through elaborate sound, lighting and in-camera effects.

Forbidden Zone - which premiered at the Salzburg Festival in July 2014 - is arguably the most ambitious and complex of these pieces to date. With multiple narratives crossing two time zones, the piece tells the story of Fritz Haber, the inventor of the very first chemical weapons during the First World War, and the effect that it had on his family over three generations.

(Photographs by Stephen Cummiskey)