Creative Director

Richard Slaney


Video Director

Lysander Ashton



Mark Grimmer


Original Music by

Jeff Beal


Sound Design

Tom Hackley


3D Design

Jenny Melville


Lighting Design

Benjamin Pearcy


Lighting Director

Anthony Pearson


Financial Controller

Suzanne James


Creative Assistant

Hannah Fasching


Production Assistant

Rebecca Collis



Kaal Page

Katie Jackson 



Senior Animator

Nick Corrigan

Edd Stockton


Line Producer

Akhila Krishnan



Aaron Brady

David Curtis

Sean Kothe

Joseph Pierce

Jarek Radecki

Jesse Richards

Nicol Scott



Doug Walker



Georgia Clegg

Gareth Damian Martin

José Macena


Data Wrangler

Ashwin Arvind



Technical Director

Benjamin Pearcy


Technical Associate

Maximilien Spielbichler


Video / Lighting Supervisor

Zach Peletz


Technical Intern

Zakk Hein



The Production Network


Boeing Centennial Projection Spectacular


About this project

59 Productions joined forces with The Boeing Company to create a spectacular event to mark the centenary of the world’s leading aerospace company. The show featured animated sequences which were projection-mapped onto moving aircraft.

On 15 July 2016, 100 years to the day since William E. Boeing turned his attention to the thrilling and world-changing field of aviation, 59 Productions mounted an immersive show on a vast scale – The Boeing Centennial Projection Spectacular - for more than 80,000 spectators, across 30 performances, at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington.

Featuring five different aeroplanes, including the iconic 747 Jumbo Jet and the 787 Dreamliner – this once-in-a-lifetime event was also the first of its kind: theatre with aeroplanes - where 50,000lb jet-airliners took centre-stage in a specially-choreographed performance celebrating the rich history of Boeing, a company that has shaped modern history and helped shrink our world.

Using cutting-edge technology, each 20-minute projection mapping performance provided a spectacular visual showcase spanning a century of history and creativity. Alongside five aircraft playing starring roles, it was also an event that paid tribute to the people at the heart of Boeing: from its founding members to its modern-day staff, its clients and collaborators across the world.