Big Fish - video design by 59

Creative Team

Susan Stroman

Andrew Lippa

John August

Julian Crouch

Don Holder

Ben Pearcy (for 59)

Lead Animator
Lawrence Watson (for 59)

Susan Stroman

Artistic Producer
Elyse Dodgson

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About this Project

A rollicking fantasy set in the American South, BIG FISH centers on the charismatic Edward Bloom, whose impossible stories of his life's epic adventures frustrate his son Will. Now, with Edward on his deathbed, Will must embark on his own journey to find out who his father really is, unraveling the man from the myth, the truth from the tall tales.

"Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions" was released in 1998 by Daniel Wallace. In December 2003, a critically acclaimed film of Big Fish was released by Columbia Pictures directed by Tim Burton, starring Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lang and Helena Bonham Carter. The film was nominated for an Academy Award, Grammy Award, 4 Golden Globe Awards and 7 BAFTA Awards.

Selected Reviews

"The melding of Julian Crouch’s “story-framing” sets, animated by grandly poetic projections of Benjamin Pearcy and by William Ivey Long’s wonderfully textured costumes, could not be more ideal."

Chicago Sun Times

"A classy, detailed, heartfelt piece full of rich music and quality writing."

Chicago Tribune