Alex Live on Stage - Video design by Fifty Nine Productions

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Alex: Robert Bathurst

Director: Phelim McDermott

Written by: Charles Peattie

Producer: Eleanor Lloyd

Video Design: Leo Warner and Mark Grimmer

Associate Video Designers: Lysander Ashton and Robert Sharp

Set Construction: Phil Eddolls


Alex Live on Stage - Video design by Fifty Nine Productions


Alex is a one man show, featuring Robert Bathurst as the hapless eponymous banker, well known to Telegraph readers from its long running cartoon strip by Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor.

Under the direction of Phelim McDermott, Mark Grimmer and Leo Warner with Associate Lysander Ashton were given the challenge of turning Alex's two dimensional cartoon colleagues into characters for the stage.

Through a series of workshops in 2007, Fifty Nine Productions developed the technical set up which brought the cartoon characters to life and worked on techniques for integrating them into the stage set up. The result includes multiple screens on stage for both front and back projection to host Peattie's animations and sketches, with the real life Alex interacting with the hand drawn characters.

Selected Reviews

'Just like the cartoon it's an ingenious little show, you couldn't wish for a better Alex than Robert Bathurst, who is a delightfully loveable toad. This is a market leader in the West End's FTSE 100'

Daily Mail

'Bathurst is dream casting as Alex, the City high flier who loves his work as long as it's someone else doing it. Director Phelim McDermott has opted for a slick mixture of animation and live action?.Bathurst's smoothy-chops charm holds everything together wonderfully.'

Evening Standard ****

'Bathurst has perfect pitch as this genially snooty, weak operator. The banking community were solidly represented at premiere of Alex and I should imagine that they will turn up in droves during the run. What could be nicer? Seventy-five minutes of having your values, psychology and foibles genially mocked, with loads of time afterwards to sink a few bottles of Bolly.'


'It is flawless comedy. Bathurst delivers his stream of expertly sculpted, wincingly accurate gags with unflagging, effortless panache'

Time Out

'Robert Bathurst was born to play the City's most famous investment banker. Phelim McDermott's playful direction locates the best comedy in Bathurst's interaction with his animated colleagues. This production certainly reinvigorates the Eighties throwback for a new generation.'


'The Telegraph's Alex is a hoot on stage. No, honestly!'

The Daily Telegraph

'A hilarious new play.'

London Paper

'Blissfully funny'.

Sunday Times