Fink - Perfect Darkness tour - production design by 59

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Creative Team

Creative director: Leo Warner

Technical director: Jonathon Lyle

Set construction: Phil Eddols

Cinematographer: Vanessa Whyte

Post-production: Lysander Ashton, Leo Flint

Additional video production: Messrs.

Production manager: James Roxburgh

Costumes and models: Molly Einchcomb

Tour dates

Visit the Ninja Tune website for all upcoming Fink tour dates and venue information.

Fink - 'Perfect Darkness'

Ninja Tune / 59

The "Making-of" video:

About this project

Singer-songwriter Fin Greenall releases his fourth album under the Fink moniker in June 2011. 59 have been asked to produce create a tourable stage environment - including a flexible lighting installation and lots of projection - that can travel with the show around the world.

The production - designed around an installation made from a bank of anglepoise lamps - will launch early in May 2011.